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With the launch of “BEDZROOM” brand in 2003, ROSSANO’s range of beds has created a buzz...



ROSSANO is well-known for producing the highest quality in its upholstery for sofas and lounge ...



With ingenuity and creativity, ROSSANO has produced an exciting range of accessories that oozes mode...



ROSSANO Joint Stock Co is renowned for its upholstery and their range of chairs is no exception as...


Cubes and Ottoman

ROSSANO’s range of cubes and ottoman has created a lasting impression in both the retail and e...


ROSSANO's strength is in the creation and design of its own brands and products. ROSSANO’s range of design-intensive products exudes individuality, sophistication and elegance; thus making the organization a winner of multiple awards and a prominent brand name in Vietnam & Cambodia. In line with its plans for further expansion, ROSSANO’s exclusive products are exported to countries all around the world; igniting greater interest and awareness in ROSSANO. As part of its vision of becoming a regional brand, ROSSANO Joint Stock Co registered and introduced its own brands throughout the years of its progress:

  • In Year 1996 ~ Launch of “ROSSANO” trademark – furniture catering to the local retail market
  • In Year 2003 ~ Launch of “BEDZ ROOM” - bedroom furniture
  • In Year 2006 ~ Launch of “ROSSANO EXCLUSIVE” – high-end furniture catering to the middle-income and above

With the launch of “ROSSANO EXCLUSIVE”, ROSSANO not only keep its focus on the mass market but also reaches out to the elites of society with its avant-garde designs.  Not losing its focus on the local retail scene, ROSSANO products have a strong presence in Vietnam e.g. 4 retail in Ho Chi Minh City, 3 in Hanoi and through various franchise dealerships throughout Vietnam. ROSSANO JSC has also established overseas franchise stores in Shenzhen China, Phnom Penh Cambodia and coming up soon in 2010, Laos.

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